Hi, I'm Stephen Loquet

Software Developer

Eager to build and grow.
Coffee. Lifting. UCI. App Academy.

About Me

  As a web developer, I consistently strive to create clean, concise, reusable code. Utilizing my experience with Ruby and JavaScript, alongside the React and Rails frameworks, I have been able to find great satisfaction in achieving this goal in my own projects, which you can check out below.

  I previously worked as an English teacher in South Korea, where each student's success depended on my leadership and lesson planning. My recent education, at an intensive and demanding full-stack bootcamp, and work history have required the ability to learn quickly and stay organized in the face of multiple challenges. I'm excited to use my technical knowledge and problem solving skills to help your company to tackle its latest challenges.

Full Stack Web App



I was the sole developer of a book review web app inspired by Goodreads. Betterbooks is a single-page React/Redux web application which utilizes Ruby on Rails in the backend. I implemented user authentication using BCrypt and established session validation

JavaScript Browser Game

Fire Chief Squirtle

Browser game built with only vanilla JavaScript and HTML canvas. The game uses Canvas’ requestAnimationFrame methods to continually render gameplay. I contructed the browser game with modular, object oriented design in mind, for quick implementation of new features. A node.js backend serves request to a MongoDB to overall and individual high scores.

React Native Mobile App


Joint project between me and two friends where we challenged ourselves to learn React-Native, Express, Node.js, and MongoDB over the course of a single week. The app works like a mobile business card. It allows users to link their contact information and social media account by scanning other users unique QR codes. In this project I created multiple MongoDB collections that work in tandem to allow a user to update their information and have those changes reflected in another user’s contact list.

In Progress Project


Single page web app built with Node.js, Express, React.js, Redux. A reference site on how to start projects using different framework boilerplates.